Propeller Basics

There are props of every size, pitch, material and number of blades available at discount prices. We offer low prices and free shipping on all of our props. As many of you know it's always a good idea to keep a spare prop for emergencies or trips that are from any shops. There is nothing worse than watching everyone else enjoy the lake while you watch from the shore. Plastic backups work to get you back to shore but an extra aluminum prop won't set you back too much and could save the whole vacation. While you're at it get an extra prop nut kit too. Dropping a nut in the murky water is a real downer too.or. Discounts are available on props made by good companies like Solas, Michigan Wheel, Stilleto, and others. There is no need to compromise on quality here.

Get the Right Prop and Save Money

If you've never bought a prop before you will need to check the size, the pitch, the diameter, the RPM limit and whether it is compatible with the motor. Most prop wizards or calculators will help you find the perfect size and pitch. Knowing what you started with will save you a lot of time and headaches in the longrun. Strength, durability and resistance to corrosion are other considerations when choosing between aluminum and stainless steel propellers. If you want to upgrade your prop stainless is an excellent choice and will last you a long time (as long as you can keep it from hitting the lake bottom to hard.


A range materisals are available including aluminum, stainless steel and composite materials can be purchased here.