Finding the diameter

The best way to figure out the diameter of a boat prop is by estimating the width of the circle that houses the blades of the boat propeller. Diameter is hardly ever seen without an appearance from its boating comrade in arms called pitch. For example, if you want to find out the precise diameter of your boat propeller, you simply need to look at the actual prop itself. The first number that you see on the hub of the boat prop is the diameter of your boat propeller. The number that proceeds the diameter is known as boat pitch, and this equation is often expressed in the form of a ratio.

Before you buy

Since purchasing a boat propeller is one of the most important decisions that any boater has to make, it is important to understand the key boating terms above such as diameter. You want to know how it is measured so that you will be able to replace it with one of a larger variety if that is needed.

Wrapping up

In closing you do not have to be a skilled mathematician to measure the diameter of a boat propeller. As long as you can use a tape measure, know where a hub is located, are capable of performing simple arithmetic, and can read numbers, you will have the ability to determine the diameter of any boat propeller in existence. When it comes to the world of boat propellers, it is just a matter of learning a new set of words that you may not be familiar with at this time. In the same way that any new language takes time to learn, the new phrases in your boat prop vocabulary will become natural parts of your everyday speech in no time at all. Once you have measured your first couple of boat props, you will be well on your way to becoming a boat prop measurement expert. Remember boat prop diameter increases can affect the speed of the very boat that you own and love with all of your heart. Test different boat props with different diameters, and see what results your experiments will yield. If you are not happy with the diameter, you have the option of increasing or decreasing the diameter of your boat prop. It is your boat and the diameter of your vessel should matter to you and your loved ones.