Types of Pontoon Props

Pontoon boat props come in a range of styles and types. Props are made of aluminum, stainless steel and composite material. Composite props are slowly replacing aluminum and stainless steel because the material is lightweight and has proved to have better durability. Small pontoon propellers are powered by 25 Hp engines. Props are also available for mid size and high end motors. The props are ideal for lakes and rivers but can be unsuitable for open seas. All major propeller companies make Pontoon propellers that give different levels of thrust to the boat.

Blade Information

Three and four blade propellers are available to propel pontoon boats. Since the pontoon is a large boat and drags a sizable surface area of water, experts believe that a four blade prop gives more power to propel the boat. New pontoon boat designs have a bigger diameter and the blades have a bigger surface area to maximize the propulsion on a pontoon boat. Pontoon boat props are hardy and good for handling rough waters. They can be purchased in online specialty shopping portals that sell boat spares and in stores.