Propeller Applications

Stiletto props were known for their precision hand crafted props. These props were made by the Indiana based Precision Propeller Industries at first. The company was recently taken over by the Japanese Corporation Yamaha. The advantage line of Stiletto props has both small and large hub props. A special line of props are fabricated to suit the Bravo 1 drive made by Mercs. The Pro4 series of Stiletto props are four blade props that suit small and large hubs. The small hub props come with an over hub exhaust and are the preferred props for bass boats. Stiletto props are available for single engine installations and twin engine installations. Stiletto makes props to suit many reputed motor applications made by renowned companies. .

Stiletto Design

Stiletto props have a high rake, extended cup, precision balanced and progressive pitch design that make them the ideal props for usage on racing boats. The props are so designed that boats can achieve excellent overall performance at any throttle level be it low end, mid range or high level. Stiletto props are available both online in both accessory shopping portals and in boat spare stores.